A Resilient Territory

Identify and prioritise key risks to industry associated with climate change, including work health and safety concerns, and biosecurity risks


Adaptive management planning needs to be focused on areas of highest priority in terms of the risks posed to the operations of different industry types and sectors due to the impacts from climate change. To effectively identify and assess potential risks, a comprehensive risk assessment framework will need to be identified to facilitate industries and sectors to apply a systematic and transferable risk assessment process across all areas of management and operations.

Understanding what climate related impacts are expected to occur, and how they are likely to interact and affect matters such as workforce participation, work health and safety, logistics, machinery operations and efficiency, products and materials, down times and up times, operating hours, transport links, and biosecurity etc., will be necessary for industry and sectors to develop management and operation adaptation plans to mitigate the impacts and potential risks.

Target completion date

By end 2021

Promote industry resilience to climate change
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