A Resilient Territory

Work with industry and relevant sectors to assist in developing and coordinating Industry/Sector Specific Climate Adaptation Frameworks


A resilient Territory’ is one of the key objectives identified in the Climate Change Response: Towards 2050. Building resilience comes from understanding and responding to key climate risks – through implementing risk reduction measures, as well as adaptation measures to minimise the impact of risks (to business, workforce, place etc.). A resilient Territory will also be dependent upon a preparedness to potentially do things differently. Based on an understanding of the key risks to the operations and viability of industry and business sectors, adaptation may require a change to the ‘usual’ way of operations; or, contingency planning in the event that climate change impacts are likely to make an industry/ business economically unviable; or, embracing business opportunities associated with new development pathways provided by a carbon neutral economy.

Target completion date

From end 2022

Promote industry resilience to climate change
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