A Resilient Territory

Identify and prioritise high value ecosystems and biodiversity at risk from climate change


Areas across the Territory of high ecological and biodiversity value need to be protected as far as is possible from the stressors of climate change. By identifying and prioritising these matters in terms of environmental value and vulnerability to climate change stressors, effort and resources can be directed towards programs and activities that are most likely to deliver improved outcomes, and be cost-effective in enhancing the resilience and long term survival of elements of the Territory’s environment.

Not all at risk environmental values will be able to be protected from the impacts of climate change. The rate of change may occur too quickly for a species or ecosystem to be able to adapt or evolve, and there are limitations to technological or engineering solutions. For example, engineered structures intended to prevent coastal erosion or salt water intrusion into fresh water ecosystems have not been shown to be a cost effective solution to address sea level rises over the long term.

Improve landscape resilience to climate change impacts
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