Provide advice and extension services to assist land managers to manage climate change risks from key threatening processes


Understanding how climate change is impacting across the landscape in particular regions is important for building and reviewing business sustainability models, informing diversification initiatives, and coordinating remediation and mitigation programs. Establishing guidelines and procedures that focus on known threats and expected climate change impacts to the pastoral estate as well as other land tenures in a specific region will enable the implementation of strategic actions aimed at delivering outcomes across landscapes.

The strategic and joint development of programs and procedures to improve land management practices should also increase land condition monitoring and reporting systems, as well as the implementation of mitigation and adaptation programs. Facilitating implementation of broad scale actions that address patterns of declining land conditions across a region will assist a greater number of individual land managers, not just within the pastoral estate, build resilience and manage their land in a manner appropriate to the changed climatic conditions. The development and implementation of effective guidelines and procedures will provide a useful avenue to collate data and information to inform the development of a grant programs in line with Climate Change Response Action 4.2.2 that can target the most threatening processes and patterns identified as impacting land and soil conditions across the Territory.

Target completion date

From mid 2020

Assist large landholders to take action to manage the risks of climate change
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