A Resilient Territory

Deliver Agency specific infrastructure, assets and services climate adaptation frameworks


Understanding the risks (and opportunities) resulting from a changing climate is the first step for agencies to plan appropriate responses, either through adaptation measures or contingency planning. The climate risk assessment completed by agencies as part of Action 2.3.2 will allow agencies to undertake adaptive management planning and develop implementation actions. This next step will be guided by a Climate Adaptation Strategy (Action 2.1.1). The Climate Adaptation Strategy will be developed in consultation with all Territory Government agencies through the Climate Change Response governance group. It is intended for the Strategy to be incorporated into agency corporate governance structures (with the Climate Risk Assessment Framework).

The Strategy will guide NTG agencies to develop climate adaptation frameworks to cement the process of anticipating, understanding and planning for climate risks to their service delivery, assets and operations within their governance processes.

Target completion date

By mid 2023

Increase the Territory Government’s preparedness to respond to the impacts of climate change
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